Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's It Gonna Take?

I belong in the crowd.
Too tired to explain nothing.
It took an entire five minutes to put an end to it all.
And it only took 16 years to grow up.
All along I thought you would break my heart, but since we all know it was already broken, you surprised me and ended up putting just a little bit of it back together.
The world will still spins while I'm sleeping.
And the glory of it is there is nothing I can do to change it.
A sober city.
I've completely lost count.
I guess you could say that I finally made it.
It's warming up outside. I don't know if I'm ready.
I've never wanted to be alone so much.
When the thunder shook the city and the rain hit my face, I realized.
There's only one heart beating in this chest of mine.
I hate surprises.
It bothers me only because it doesn't bother you at all.
I just can't lose sight of what I need.
I'm ready to sit in the sun alone. And when the time comes I can watch the storm.
Maybe my bad memory is a blessing.
An empty bed doesn't sound so bad.


It's not raining. But it might as well.
I'll read it over and over.
Until I know the the words like I know my name.
And that one chance will just stay frozen in reality.
He'll never know.
I want to surprise you.
Take me out? Just the two of us?
You've always been so full of promises.
But I know you have good intentions.
You always made me feel special.
Unlike him and him and the other hims.
My mother always got you confused with the others.
They always say mothers know best.
I'll dress up.
And sure, you can treat me.
I'll just ask one thing of you, change it all.
Lights, camera, action.
Salty shoes say it best.
Home away from home away from home away.
So far away I forgot where I came from.
Well almost.
Why do we wait in lines when we don't even know what we're waiting for?
I'm ready to meet someone who is truly self sufficient.
That tune became so familiar.
my secrets have been told.
He's not a blue or white collar. He's a wet collar, a hard worker.
I don't regret that piece of cake.
I want another one.
And finally, I'm not ashamed.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It rained days ago and the ground is still muddy.
I’m in nothing but my underwear.
Never felt better.
Although, I hate feeling myself give in.
But it’s really only the silence I fear.
The day I let go is the day you have nothing left to say.
Growing up here would have made me so cold.
Your not taught to connect with people.
You’re taught to be cautious around them.
What happened?
Where did all the smiles go?
I could have sworn I saw someone hold the door for the person behind them…
Or was that just my imagination.
Getting from point A to point B. That is all we should be worried about right?
Who cares who meet along the way?
Sure, there are some of us left.
But let’s look at the larger numbers.
Let’s remember how many people we tried to lend a hand to yesterday,
Besides our family,
Besides our friends.
Besides all that, I’ve got problems of my own.
I’ll let the city solve itself.
Good luck with that.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

100 Park Glen

I can still hear the creaking of the wood floor in the hallway.
The cabinets would squeak too.
And that hiding place in the closet! To this day I'm the only one that knows about it.
The smell of the garage. The latter to the attic.
Every splinter from the porch I ever got still didn't keep shoes on my feet.
And that little room upstairs. What was that really for anyway?
The forest green carpet in the living room and my mothers bath tub. Her walk in closet was almost as fabulous.
The wall of mirrors in the dining room where my mother taught me how to write my name.
The small bathroom in the hall so coordinated with tapestry and wallpaper.
And the ivy mirror along with its matching shelf. It always looked like it was about to fall.
The bamboo forest and the swings in the back yard.
And then there was my room. It was pink and yellow and blue. A friend of my parents painted it.
Quite a big room for such a little girl.
Looking back, I see that, so far, those were the best years of my life.. All of us. Under one roof. Alive and well.
I'll go back one day. Hopefully with the ones that are left.
I'll imagine the round glass table that sat near the window in the kitchen. I'll see the counter tops of the kitchen and right away not help but smell of Bactine. Many a scraped knee were bandaged on those counter tops.
I'll pretend all my mothers flowers are still blooming in the back yard.
Hopefully the wallpaper in Drew's bedroom is still the same.
The bathroom that connected our bedrooms where I tamed my wild cat.
And then of course the basement. The musky smell of the cellar where we kept Thornton's collar. The hide out during tornado warnings.
The unfinished shelves from wall to wall exploding with books. Along with our first computer.
My first Restaurant was down there too. Along with my elementary school. I was the principle.
And outside, that little pond my mother made was down below the porch.
It was truly magical.
Every bit of my childhood.
Has it really come to the point where I look back at when I was a child?
Is it really over?
Hard to believe it.
Hard to believe a lot of things.

February Again

Still a little shaky.
I spend days watching people pretend.
Days and days and days.
But I have to be sure to ask myself if it's just them, or could I possibly be playing a role unknowingly?
Between a rock and hard place they say.
I swear I love you both, but you sure don't make it easy.
She made me change my mind.
Only God knows where I'll actually end up.
And I like it that way.
I lost my voice for a few days.
I think that's what really got your attention.
Isn't it a shame that I have to go to such lengths?
The groundhog saw his shadow again.
But that's all a myth anyway.
I'm beginning to think too logically.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


One day things will be easier.
Our smiles won't fade so quickly and our past won't seem as far away.
Why is it so hard to look you in the eyes?
Maybe because I've never been more honest.
It's frightening to think that in one moment it could all end.
But I'd bet everything that my last heart beat isn't the end of it.
Some nights I strive to destroy myself. Then the morning comes and i come to my senses.
A Spider like mechanism makes familiar music in a familiar city. Surrounded by familiar people saying familiar things. But the feeling I get is brand new. Every time.
My fingernails started to tingle and I felt a stiffness in the back of my neck.
My mouth became dry and the air became thinner.
From then on I referred to myself as Betsy.


The city couldn't look any brighter than it does tonight.
It's hard to think that I come to your house and I don't even take off my coat anymore.
What did I do wrong?
I'm being sent back.
Don't waste our last 5 minutes asking why.
Sometimes dark roads are the only cure for confusion.
With my foot on the gas I can at least pretend I'm going somewhere.
I'll try not to lose my imagination. I'll try not to lose sight of all the things that got me where I am.
Wings are no use without feathers.
But only few have wings that work anyway.
These feet will do just fine.
Why do I waste my time with makeup when you don't even look me in the eyes?
I'll run all the red lights just to feel alive.
I'll get there in one piece and I won't even remember how I did.
People people people.
Problems problems problems.
Space space and space.
Wasted space.
I'm not afraid. Ask anyone.
It just takes me a minute to warm up.
I'll help you pretend.
I'll tell you what sounds good.
But at the end of the day, I'll deny it all.

Midwest Lover-

I turn up the music in hopes that I won't be able to hear my thoughts.
The sheets of rain practically take me with them as the city sways from side to side.
A Midwest lover is no one in the south.
Isn't that a shame?
My feet ace.
And so does my belly.
But I can't bring myself to tears.
It's not real enough.
Some days I'm so alive and free.
And others, I'm a puppet on a string.
Waiting for my cue.
Everything was lost.
But only for a quick moment.
Another moment that I'll never get back.
The high pitch and the flashing lights kill my senses.
My head is a galaxy.
Full of comets and black holes.
I can't say exactly how it all got there.
But there's scientific proof that it is.
Today I decided I want to live to be a hundred.
With rings on my fingers I can distract myself.
But naked I am powerless.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

America The Beautiful

Take a deep breath and put down the burger.
Your not hungry. I promise.
Your bored or maybe sad. It's only a habit. I might even go as far to say it's the American way.
And it has to change.
With 65% of American adults being overweight and that number growing, I am beginning to lose hope for America.
The sad thing is, it doesn't stop there.
30% of American children are overweight.
I guess if their parents are setting that kind of example... The children don't know any better.
I am surprised that the people of this country envy stick thin models and yet we are one of the fattest nations in the world.
Why be deathly skinny or morbidly obese?
C'mon America! Let's forget the happy meals and find the happy medium.
Not too fat, but not too thin.
It seems as though everyone has forgotten that eating is something that keeps us alive. It is not supposed to be something that kills us.
Let me just say... Fast food should be illegal.
Big mac's should be taxed like cigarettes.
The ingredients that is allowed to be put in that food should be seriously reconsidered.
Many people say think before you speak, well try this; Think before you eat.
America needs to stop shoveling food into their mouths like it's their last meal.
People need to ask themselves, "am I really hungry?"
And they should all actually think about what's in their food before they consume it.
As we all know, it's not easy.
But when people have to ride around on scooters because they are so fat they can't even walk, the line has been crossed.
The line between being out of shape and being irresponsible.
This country with all it's over processed food is not helping, but that's when people need to take matters into their own hands (or stomachs) and say no to bad food.
We deserve better than a greasy burger containing all the calories we need in a day that only makes us feel full for 20 minutes.
For all of those who still can, take a stand and say no to unhealthy food and inactive lifestyles.
Live the life your body enables you to.