Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Midwest Lover-

I turn up the music in hopes that I won't be able to hear my thoughts.
The sheets of rain practically take me with them as the city sways from side to side.
A Midwest lover is no one in the south.
Isn't that a shame?
My feet ace.
And so does my belly.
But I can't bring myself to tears.
It's not real enough.
Some days I'm so alive and free.
And others, I'm a puppet on a string.
Waiting for my cue.
Everything was lost.
But only for a quick moment.
Another moment that I'll never get back.
The high pitch and the flashing lights kill my senses.
My head is a galaxy.
Full of comets and black holes.
I can't say exactly how it all got there.
But there's scientific proof that it is.
Today I decided I want to live to be a hundred.
With rings on my fingers I can distract myself.
But naked I am powerless.

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