Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It rained days ago and the ground is still muddy.
I’m in nothing but my underwear.
Never felt better.
Although, I hate feeling myself give in.
But it’s really only the silence I fear.
The day I let go is the day you have nothing left to say.
Growing up here would have made me so cold.
Your not taught to connect with people.
You’re taught to be cautious around them.
What happened?
Where did all the smiles go?
I could have sworn I saw someone hold the door for the person behind them…
Or was that just my imagination.
Getting from point A to point B. That is all we should be worried about right?
Who cares who meet along the way?
Sure, there are some of us left.
But let’s look at the larger numbers.
Let’s remember how many people we tried to lend a hand to yesterday,
Besides our family,
Besides our friends.
Besides all that, I’ve got problems of my own.
I’ll let the city solve itself.
Good luck with that.

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