Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's not raining. But it might as well.
I'll read it over and over.
Until I know the the words like I know my name.
And that one chance will just stay frozen in reality.
He'll never know.
I want to surprise you.
Take me out? Just the two of us?
You've always been so full of promises.
But I know you have good intentions.
You always made me feel special.
Unlike him and him and the other hims.
My mother always got you confused with the others.
They always say mothers know best.
I'll dress up.
And sure, you can treat me.
I'll just ask one thing of you, change it all.
Lights, camera, action.
Salty shoes say it best.
Home away from home away from home away.
So far away I forgot where I came from.
Well almost.
Why do we wait in lines when we don't even know what we're waiting for?
I'm ready to meet someone who is truly self sufficient.
That tune became so familiar.
my secrets have been told.
He's not a blue or white collar. He's a wet collar, a hard worker.
I don't regret that piece of cake.
I want another one.
And finally, I'm not ashamed.

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