Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Rhythm

She's only confident when she's in pain.
I make love to the music.
It's not him. It's the rhythm.
He's gonna start a fire if he's not careful.
I swear it's just a pastime. Sometiems I feel brilliant.
I admire you. I seek your shadow in hopes of reassurence.
That won't work. Let's not be foolish.
Why am I slowly being destroyed?
It sways back and fourth bringing solace to an ever changing mind.Eventually the weight of the world will crush me.
Youth is perfection. But when it's all over and done with we are all ruined.
An extra hour on the clock doesn't make a difference.
I completely miss understood you.
I'll rewrite it a million times before I can pretend I'm halfway satisfied.
Just close your eyes. Turn off your thoughts and sleep.
Easier said than done

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