Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Lets make a deal.
Let me into your life and I'll let you into mine.
I saw your girlfriend kissing a girl.
But if I told you, I don't even think it would bother you.
One day you may get so famous that some one else will tune your instutments for you.
But for now, people don't even know your name.
is it selfish for me to want it to stay that way?
Why am I only inspired when I am by myself?
It doesn't matter what I look like.
Its the sound of my voice.
I want to be a wife and I think that's all anyone really wants me to be.
Enough is enough.
I'd prefer to be called traditional not old fashioned.
My brain is finally doing what it's supposed to.
I knew that scream was different from the others. I knew something was wrong. Her little nap sack flew across the road as the car slammed on it's breaks.
From up here they all look like ants, but I could still see her in her little pink sweater laying in the road.
Luckily she was okay.
But I'm not. Those things happens everyday. And it's starting to make me unable to sleep at night.
Is it just me, or did the world get bigger?
10 years ago it didn't seem half this size.

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