Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bobby Pin

you turn me inside out.

and for now. i don't mind.

i'm always up for something new.

keeps ya young, as they say.

i'll stay this way as long as you remain mysterious. deal?

late nights, early mornings.

i sway back and fourth. listening to your noise.

i pretend to wonder.

i can barely count on one hand the temptations.

bye bye brown shoulders.

now-a-days the wind goes right through my coat.

it'll be a while.

my selfish stomach has to learn to resist the urge.

there's more to come. i just know it.

maybe if i go there ill see you again.

this city is crazy.

and so are all people in it.

but it seems to be the only thing keeping me sane.

i try to hide these people but i know their never going away.

ask me tomorrow. i'll probably feel differently.

why is being young so much fun? i hope being old isnt as bad as everyone says it is.

i guess it's nice to at least say you made it it that far.

who makes for rules for this game anyway?

it doesn't take to much to please me.

give me anything i can play.

just let me make music and we'll call it even.

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