Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Let's take some more.
Let's act like strangers.
Remind me of what I said tomorrow.
I want to lay down and feel like my skin is slowly dissapearing. I want to make a boat from my bones and sail to Bermuda.
But until then, I'll stay here and pretend that there will never
come a time when I have to leave.
Those wise and farmiliar hands. Those hands that hold my face and remind me that I have more than just a name etched into a stone. Those hands that have brought me the feeling of comfort and safety. Feelings I
almost forgot.
It is you.
You have made me unaffaid of the scales.
You have sat with me in a tin can and listene carefully.
In the morning rush you stopped and took a wiff of time itself and delivered it to your senses, all because i told you to.
You have introdused me.
You have reminded me and you have inspired me.

April 18,2009

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